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Since the start of Eksjö Camping in 1982, the base in the planning work with facilities, 
programs, activities and board assignments have always been done on non-profit initiatives. 
Because Eksjö Camping & Conference is a non-profit association, no private person can take out any "profit".  If the association Eksjö Camping & Conference one day will divest the facility vests 50% of the assets to the association Goda Nyheter, which works with Bible distribution, and 50% to Hela Människan, which works with drug abuse.

Everyone can join, everyone is needed

Welcome to the work. There are always small and large projects to tackle. 

Many non-profit people are constantly active at the campsite. Some come and do 
point efforts and others take greater responsibility for the ongoing work. 
All contributions are equally valuable and equally needed. 

If you have questions about volunteering at the campsite, you can contact Magnus through our exchange number 0381-395 00. 
Welcome with your effort and ability!

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