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At Eksjö camping there are opportunities for fun activities for children, we meet Tuesday to Saturday throughout the month of July

Recommended age 4-11 years, but everyone is warmly welcome with a meeting place at the train station

Hours of fun

11.00 -12.00

An hour when we play together, do crafts, compete and hang out.

Children's foodé


“Where does the sky end? And what is there

actually up there? It thought

the astronauts Esmat, Jesper, Vilma and

Elsa find out! But they have no idea

about what awaits in the unknown! Black

hole? Meteorites? Aliens? But there is

hope for them! They have one

weapons with them that they call “Gods

words"! It will be exciting to see how

they make it in the universe! Welcome

all children and families to follow

exciting and very fun space travel

this summer"

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