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This is our menu that we offer evenings and weekends when you place an order with us and want to sit in our premises, minimum number of 15 people.

You choose ONE common dish that you eat. 

A session with us is 3 hours, after that an additional SEK 600/started hour is added.


Please note that this does not apply to our summer café, which is open May-August, but only to group bookings. When we are open in the café, we do not accept group bookings.


The price on the left refers to weekends and then includes any cake or dessert with the coffee. 

The price on the right refers to weekday evenings and includes home-baked cake with the coffee. 

Children under 12 pay SEK 10/year. 

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SEK 340/SEK 310

Sliced chicken fillet on a bed of green beans, chanterelles and onions. Served with roasted root vegetables and tarragon sauce


Roasted pork fillet with hazelnut potatoes, chanterelle sauce, jelly and warm vegetables


Honey & garlic marinated pork tenderloin with feta cheese gratin root vegetables

Sesame chicken with herb-roasted potatoes and cream sauce


Salmon side with thyme, warm lemon sauce, boiled potatoes and warm vegetables


Pork tenderloin with warm vegetables,

Hazelnut potatoes and green pepper sauce


Pork fillet with mushroom & bacon fryer

served with roasted root vegetables and blue cheese sauce


Stuffed chicken fillet (mozzarella, basil,

sun-dried tomatoes) wrapped with

air-dried ham served with wedge potatoes and our delicious Italian sauce


Porter steak with boiled potatoes,

hot vegetables, sauce, jelly and pickle


Hot smoked salmon side with boiled potatoes

and rum sauce


Spring buffet 425/395:-

potato salad with sugar snap peas and radishes

Air dried ham

double marinated chicken (Swedish)

puff pastry pizza with salmon and pickled apple

chips with Turkish yogurt, seaweed roe, red onion

bruschetta with mozzarella, tomato and roasted pumpkin seeds


green salad

home baked bread

butter, brie


Autumn buffet SEK 425/SEK 395

roasted root vegetables

beetroot carpaccio with parmesan

pork fillet (Swedish) with rosemary & honey

Hot smoked salmon

sourdough bruschetta with salmon mash

chanterelle pie

salad, cold sauce

home-baked bread, biscuits

butter, cheese tray

Buffet under the oak 425/395

potato salad with haricot verts, red onion and feta cheese.

cold herb sauce

green salad

cold marinated pork tenderloin (Swedish)

chicken skewer (Swedish)

Västerbotten cheese pie

Hot smoked salmon

homemade bread, biscuits,

butter, cheese tray


Pie Buffet 390/360

chicken pie, västerbotten pie

creamy potato salad or French potato salad

a kind of cold-cut meat

chicken (Swedish) or pork tenderloin (Swedish) or hot smoked salmon

green salad

melon salad

mild yogurt sauce

home-baked bread, biscuits,

butter, cheese tray

Mediterranean buffet SEK 385/SEK 355

French potato salad and

Bulgur salad with arugula, feta cheese and

Sun-dried tomatoes

tzatziki, caprese, olives

chicken skewers (Swedish), salami (Swedish),

Air dried ham

homemade bread, biscuits,

butter, brie


Harvest buffet SEK 385/SEK 355

potato gratin

oven-roasted carrots

cold cut sesame chicken (Swedish)

oven-baked flatbread with feta cheese and roasted seeds

apple tzatziki


home-baked bread, biscuits

butter, brie cheese

"A little taste of Italy" SEK 385/SEK 355

Potato salad (roasted potato, red onion, mozzarella) Double marinated chicken

Air dried ham

mango and melon salad

salad with vinaigrette

cashew nuts

sesame mayo

Pastry sticks with parmesan




"Little buffet" SEK 360/330

Two kinds of cold cut meat,

chicken fillet (Swedish) or pork tenderloin (Swedish) or hot smoked salmon or chicken skewer (Swedish)

potato gratin,

cold sauce



butter, brie


Exotic plank SEK 390/SEK 360

Optional potato option:

creamy potato salad or french potato salad or

potato gratin

two types of cold cut meat:

chicken fillet (Swedish) or pork tenderloin (Swedish) or chicken skewer (Swedish)

or hot smoked salmon

exotic fruits

tzatziki or cold herb sauce

home-baked bread, biscuits,

butter, brie, soft cheese


Prawn cocktail with sourdough toast SEK 75


Bruschetta with creamy salmon mash or mash with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese SEK 75


Västerbottenruta 70:-

Gratin puff pastry with creme fraiche, red onion, red rum 

(vegetarian alternative seaweed caviar)


Toasted sourdough bread with grilled goat cheese, honey, berries, walnuts SEK 85


Cheese gratin puff pastry with cream cheese and gooseberries



Chanterelle pie with crème fraîche, roasted onion, thyme



Fresh and creamy vanilla panna cotta with berry coulis 


Pie with custard


Daimcheesecake with dulce de leche in glass


Exotic fruit salad with white chocolate cream 



homemade meringue base with lemon curd, cream 

garnished with seasonal berries 


Småland cheesecake with cream, ice cream and warm jam (+15 SEK/portion) 


Sandwich cake with drink, coffee and cake 

weekday evening 220:- weekend evening 260:- 

Landing + SEK 10/portion


Cream cake 


Marzipan cake (opera/princess) 

Chocolate dream


Strawberry Dream 


Chocolate truffle cake 


Lemon mousse cake 


Raspberry mousse cake 


Budapest roll 

Almond roll

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