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With us at Eksjö Camping, you get to meet guests who live here for a longer period of time or those who visit us just for a couple of hours.


Working in Under Eken's summer café involves many varied tasks. Everything from standing at the till to washing dishes or helping to prepare sandwiches and lunch. On a sunny day, both lunch and the queue for ice cream can stretch for several hours, and it is therefore important that you feel comfortable when it is full speed and there is a lot happening at once. It is also important that you are happy and want to treat all our guests in a pleasant way. 


We need you as:

  • I like when there is a lot going on

  • Is happy and enjoys meeting people

  • Is responsible 

  • Have turned 16 at the start of employment


In order for the day in the café to flow smoothly, the dishwasher is a key person. In the counter, it's busy and high tempo. Your job is important for the guest to have a pleasant experience when they visit us at Under Eken.

Your tasks are to take care of the kitchen counter, the cafe counter, refill coffee and make sure the cafe looks inviting.

We need you as:

  • Likes a fast pace

  • Have a cheerful attitude towards our guests

  • Is orderly and responsible

  • Have turned 14 at the start of employment


We are looking for a group of 3-4 people who are passionate about children and want to be part of conveying the Christian message to our guests.

ClickHERE to get more information!

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You are the first face that our camping guests meet, therefore it is important that you are happy and positive. The days look different depending on the season and weather, therefore the tasks are varied. You must be able to greet our guests via phone, email and upon check-in. As our campsite is visited by guests from all over Europe, it is important to be able to speak good English, German is meritorious. It is also important that you are stress-resistant and accurate.

We need you as:

  • Gives our guests a warm welcome

  • Works independently and is responsible

  • Have previous work experience 

  • Have turned 18 at the start of employment


That it is clean and nice on the campsite is crucial for the guest to enjoy themselves. Therefore, it is important that you are organized and responsible. The tasks involve washing and cleaning service houses, hostels, cabins and staff areas. Since you move a lot in the area, it is good that you are positive and treat our guests with a smile.

We need you who are:

  • Accurate and orderly

  • Happy and positive

  • Has a sense of going the extra mile for the guest

  • Have turned 16 at the start of employment

Green Keeper:

The Green Keeper is the campsite's caretaker who ensures that our outdoor environments are well maintained and pleasant. Your duties include sweeping the golf courses, changing a broken light bulb and emptying garbage. The fact that you are positive and meet our guests with a smile is also important as you move around the area and meet a lot of people.

We need you as:

  • Has a sense of going the extra mile for the guest

  • Accurate, orderly, responsible

  • Likes to be outside in all weathers

  • Have turned 16 at the start of employment, those who are 18 and have a driver's license are better placed in the application process. 


If you want to apply for a summer job with us before the 2024 season, it is fine to send your application to no later than February 15, 2023. 

The season for some jobs is between 30 April and 31 August. Working hours are both weekdays and weekends, day and evening.

This is what we want to know about you:

  • A curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter.

  • Write the name and phone number of a reference that we can contact.

  • A picture of you.

  • We value enthusiasm over grades,so you don't need to send them.

  • When you can work and if there is a week you wish to be off. We prioritize those who can work the most weeks.

  • Your contact details, name & phone  


The application must be at our disposal by February 15, 2024 at the latest.

Welcome with your application!

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