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This is our menu that we offer at lunchtime when you place an order with us and want to sit in our premises.

Minimum number 15 people. You choose ONE common dish that you eat. A lunch session with us is 2 hours,

after that, SEK 600/started hour is added.


Please note that this does not apply to our summer café, which is open

May-August, but only group bookings. When we are open in the café does not accept group bookings.



Weekdays SEK 175 Weekends SEK 205

All dishes include salad, bread, coffee and cake.




Honey-glazed pork fillet

with potato gratin and cream sauce

Pork tenderloin with wedge potatoes

and our delicious Italian sauce


Chicken skewers with roasted potatoes and tzatziki


Chicken Provencal with roasted potatoes


Fish in lobster sauce with prawns 

and boiled potatoes


Green pepper chicken with spinach and fresh mushrooms served with roasted potatoes


Sliced chicken in tarragon sauce topped with bacon served with roasted potatoes


Breaded fish fillet with our delicious remoulade sauce 

and boiled potatoes


Curry chicken with cheese gratin potatoes


Homemade pan steaks with fried onions, 

boiled potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberries


Småland cheese strips with mashed potatoes and beetroot


Chicken italiano with roasted root vegetables and 

our delicious Italian sauce


Hot smoked salmon side with boiled potatoes

and rum sauce


Chicken lasagna 

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